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Customize Your Patio Doors

Renewal by Andersen® offers a wide range of creative grille patterns to customize the look of your home.


choose your profile + pattern + color

Grille Profile Options

Permanent Window Grilles

Removable Window Grilles

PERMANENT Profile Type


For an authentic look, Full Divided Light grilles are permanently applied to the interior and exterior of the window with a spacer between the glass.

PERMANENT Profile Type

Simulated Divided Light

Simulated Divided Light offers permanent grilles on the exterior and interior with no spacer between the glass. We also offer permanent exterior grilles with removable interior grilles in natural wood or prefinished white.

Removable Profile Type


Removable interior grilles come off for easy cleaning. Andersen® Finelight™ grilles are installed between the glass panes and feature a contoured 1″ or ¾” profile.

All of our grilles are designed to be long-lasting¹ with low-maintenance performance.  With such a broad range of high-profile grille options, you can match your home’s current architecture, change the look and style of your home or incorporate them into a renovation project for historical accuracy.

Grille pattern Options

Explore custom options below.

Grille Patter


Specific number of squares per sash. (Frenchwood® hinged patio door shown)

Grille Pattern

Short Fractional

Specific number of vertical bars and horizontal bar. (Frenchwood® hinged patio door shown)

Grille Pattern

Tall Fractional

Specified number of vertical bars meet a horizontal bar. (Frenchwood® gliding patio door shown)

Grille Pattern

Modified Prairie

Two horizontal bars and one vertical bar per sash. (Narroline® gliding patio door shown)

Grille Pattern


Two vertical and two horizontal bars per sash to form 4 inch corner squares. (Narroline® gliding patio door shown)

Grille Pattern

Equal Light

Specific number of horizontal bars, equal distance apart. (Narroline® gliding patio door shown)

Grille Pattern


Create a new pattern or revive one from the past. (Frenchwood® gliding patio door shown)

Grille Patter

Suspended Circle

Two vertical bars meet a wider horizontal rail or bar at the center of the window. (Narroline® gliding patio door shown)

Grille Pattern


Ask your replacement consultant for more grille options. (Frenchwood® hinged patio door shown)